Wishlist FAQ

Q. What is a Wishlist?
A. A Wishlist is a list of saved items that you may want to look at again, purchase late, or share with others later.

Q. How do I start and add to my Wishlist?
A. In order to have a Wishlist, you must have a customer account first. Create an account, if you haven't done so already, or login to your account so you can start your Wishlist. Once logged in, you may browse through our online catalog. When you've found something you like, simply click on the heart icon next to the item and it will be added to your Wishlist.

Q. How do I view my Wishlist?
A. Once you're logged in, go to the account icon in the upper right hand corner of the website and click on it to bring up the dropdown list. Witin that list there is the option to select your Wishlist and view it.

Q. How do I remove items from my Wishlist?
A. Simply, go to your Wishlist, select the item, and then select the option to 'Remove from Waitlist'.

Q. Does my Wishlist expire?
A. No. Your Wishlist will remain in tact until you remove items from the list.